Our main objective is to analyze, verify and certify the adequacy of the skills of our agency and mission of your business. 

Following a rigorous selection process, we recruit for your account, employees with the skills and training that match your requirements. 

We offer three types of service: general interim, facilitation to recruitment, training in professional impregnation. 

Manpower Supply via Siman employment Services

Make available to ships, the products necessary to the activities and the stay of their crew immobilized on sites (ships, platforms…) The products comprise: 

  1. Perishable foods: White meat, red meat, fish, rice, plantains, preserves, dairy products ...
  2. Various beverages: Mineral water, natural juice ...
  3. Equipment & materials:Helmets, gloves, boots, goggles, slings, webbing, pyrotechnics, tools, ropes, lining.... 
  4. Chemicals:Paints, cleaning products, cleaners, battery ... 
  5. Hydrocarbons:Fuel, lubricant ...



They exist three types of prevention of psychosocial risks in the workplace: The primary prevention is the remedy package that companies develop and implement in order to make the workplace a good place to be both physical and psychological staff . Risk Prevention
Secondary prevention of psychosocial risks in business follows the corrective measures implemented by the company. Formations which are the main declination are individual approaches whose goal is to provide each employee a general knowledge of the most common diseases in the workplace and the basic skills of self-care where appropriate.
In addition, prevention programs indirect staff can be initiated for the benefit of people around them (employees' families, local communities).

Prevention to psychosocial risks and community  activities

Assist companies in their expansion plans, modification or embellishment of their sites (building, ships ...) to improve the working environment for their employees and the best deployment of their activities.

Maintenance and repairs of ships, industry factories, offshore and onshore facilities